A nationally recognized leader in the multi-family housing construction industry.

We work on various types of projects throughout the North Carolina and South Carolina regions.

When Clarence F. Evans founded the company in 1948, business was sealed with a handshake and a man’s word was his bond. Our multi-family, senior living, student housing, commercial, and industrial projects have evolved over the years, but the same culture of honoring commitments remains central to how we operate today.

We build it like it’s ours.

At CF Evans, we build it like it’s ours, and we always do what’s right. This is our promise to each client – that we bring the same level of attentiveness and precision to your project as if we were building it for ourselves. This approach ensures that every project we undertake will create value for our clients.

CF Evans provides personalized attention to client relationships, takes a common-sense approach to project challenges, and brings both the sharp-penciled cost estimates and the margin-aggressive work processes necessary to deliver successful buildings.


We believe that companies are most successful when their employees come to work for them everyday for a reason, beyond just getting a paycheck. We want our employees to find a larger purpose in their work. To that end, CF Evans purpose is to Create Communities. We do this by working hard to build quality projects, fostering relationships with our partners and communities in which we build, and through charitable giving, employee engagement programs, and work/life integration initiatives.


  • Dedication: We strive to be the best at what we do
  • Integrity: We trust if we do the right things, we will get the right results
  • Respect: We will treat everyone with the utmost respect, dignity, and honesty
  • Partner Relationships: We foster long-lasting, win-win relationships with a focus on the future
  • Teamwork: We are the sum of all our parts
  • Accountability: We do what we say we will do. On time. Every time.