Evans Story

The CF Evans story begins in the years following World War II, when Clarence Felder Evans, an army veteran, joined his cousin, Fred Evans, to learn as much as he could about construction. Buoyed by the baby boom, their company, Evans Construction, fielded requests from families seeking to create homes of their own in Orangeburg, Holly Hill, Aiken, and other South Carolina communities.

1940s  – The enterprising cousins learned by doing, Clarence Evans remembered years later. He describes a model house built in the late 1940s in Cameron, South Carolina, as a turning point. The growing company provided quality craftsmanship, hired and supervised talented employees, and encouraged a sense of pride in their work that is still present today.

During those busy years, Evans drew strength from the patience and support of his wife, Virginia, and their children, Johnny, Edith Ann, Janet, and Wanda. As a young boy, his son, Johnny, learned the trade by accompanying his father to jobs, working with his own toy hammer, and getting to know workers at each site.

1950s-1970s – In 1959, after the Evans cousins decided to dissolve their business and part as friends, Evans renamed the firm C.F. Evans & Company, Inc. After Johnny Evans graduated from Clemson University in 1975, he began working for his father in many capacities before becoming the president of CF Evans in 1986.

Johnny Evans shares a number of qualities with his father, including a hands-on approach and a familiarity with every aspect of the company’s operations. As CF Evans has become more specialized, Johnny has focused on hiring the right people to manage key areas critical for the company’s continued growth.

Today – Like his father, Johnny has encouraged a culture of transparency and of treating everyone with respect – clients, designers, subcontractors, and employees alike. As a result, clients know what they’re getting with CF Evans. The company prides itself on genuinely working to help everyone succeed and advancing the professionalism of the building industry.