Pre Construction

Bringing Practical Experience to Preconstruction Planning

Our Preconstruction Services team focuses on predicting the future for our clients and protecting their budget. The team includes experienced builders who have worked on the front lines at job sites, allowing them to bring practical experience to preconstruction planning.

Throughout the preconstruction phase, we integrate our project management team so that there is a seamless transition as construction begins. Likewise, our preconstruction team remains involved throughout the construction phase to ensure project knowledge is maintained and communicated. We work with architects, engineers, and subcontractors to build what is best and what will provide our clients their greatest return on investment.

CF Evans’ Key Preconstruction Services Activities Include:

  • Detailed Pricing at Every Design Stage, from Concept to Construction Documents
  • Site Logistics Evaluation
  • Project Safety Plan Creation
  • Review & Completion of Project Specifications & Design Documents
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Constructability Review
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • ADA/Fair Housing Review
  • Waterproofing/Water Intrusion Review